Specialty Training Information

Sport Specific Athletic Development:

Middle school to college and adult athletes, our athletic development programs offer age specific skill development. We build a solid athletic and movement foundation with the primary focus of injury reduction/stability while instilling good movement and fitness habits allowing for greater success in sports and athletics. Our progressive approach to training ensures athletes demonstrate skill and proficiency in movements before moving on to more complex movements and tasks at the appropriate times in their development. We build a strong base that over time will allow the athlete to build a tall pyramid of strength, stability, and conditioning that will improve their performance. 


This programs focus is on building a foundation of strength and stability to reduce the risk of injury. Our program has a strong focus on strengthening the ATP energy system as well as working the midline to enhance the clients overall lifts and lower the risk of injury all at the same time.


Train your energy systems to be prepared for the demands of your sport or hobbies. With specialized training we can focus on increasing your lactic threshold so you can work harder and faster for longer periods of time. Depending on you goals we will focus in on improving your glycolytic or oxidative energy systems through training to increase your capacity in your sports, hobbies, and day to day life.

Olympic Lifting:

Our trainers come with a background in both performing and coaching olympic lifting. If you want to improve your form and knowledge about the clean, jerk, and snatch reach out to us today. Our program goes into depth about each of these lifts and will help you better understand the mechanics of each lift as well as understand what is causing any performance plateaus or imbalances.

Clean- 4 Sessions(45 minutes each) $225

Jerk- 2 Sessions (1 hour each) $150

Snatch-4 Sessions(45 minutes each) $225

Mobility-Flexibility-Injury Reduction:

Identify and correct improper movement patterns, strengthen and lengthen tissue to build a more robust body that can better withstand the demands of activity. Knowing the root cause of your pain will help you better understand and correct any pain you may face. With some mobility assessments given to you by our certified trainers we can identify which parts of the body may be the cause of pain or improper biomechanics. This is important to know because you can be having issues in one part of the body and most times this is due to imbalances in other parts of the body not just the sight of the pain.

Mission Wellness, LLC is happy to provide speciality training for those interested in honing in on specific skills, lifts, or abilities. Working on weaknesses and limitations is the best way to lower risk of injury, increase performance, and reduce/eliminate chronic pain.

This client had trouble keeping her chest up in the bottom squat leading to hip and low back imbalances/pain. With some mobility assessments and a better understanding of ‘why’ we made some minor adjustments and added light loading which drastically improved the angle of the torso in the bottom squat position.